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Award winning author Ryan Downey invites you to enjoy his first major publication with Iron Of The Sky. From his time spent at Temple University to his trials and tribulations in independent film, this accomplished and versatile young author beautifully illustrates what the modern dating scene is like by drawing on history, science, popular culture, the reaches of outer space, and the depths of personal experience. Each part an amalgamation, each chapter a treat, Iron Of The Sky is sure to become an instant classic and a personal favorite to old and young alike.

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Client and Partner Testimonials

Joe Ramoni, Filmmaker

"I have relied on Ryan Downey's guidance and skill in the art of editing and writing for many various projects. His eye for detail and his extensive knowledge pertaining to creative writing is something I have relied on for many years, and will for many years to come."

Nicole Whiting, Rowan University 2018

"My edited papers were graded and returned by professors containing zero errors in regard to punctuation, spelling, word choice, sentence structure - all grammatical aspects. I also received constructive evaluation on content from the editor, allowing me to fill gaps in my work to ensure that it flows properly. This is an excellent resource that provides quick and thorough feedback for writers that aren't completely confident in their work. I never received any grade less than an A!"

Alison Borden, Happy Bride

"Ryan officiated our wedding in a manner that was simply perfect for us. We wanted nothing fancy and so fittingly, we were married in an Irish pub. I met my husband, who is from France, a few years before in a similar Irish pub. Keeping our story in mind, Ryan wrote a beautiful, heartwarming, and funny speech about our marriage, even incorporating some french phrases for my husband. Ryan is a talented writer, speaker, and has a surprising knack for foreign languages as well. If you're looking for an officiant who will get to know your story, and officiate your wedding in a unique and personal way, Ryan is the officiant for you."